10 months ago I left the studio for the day and waddled off home not knowing that that was to be my last day in the studio for a while as overnight my son decided he couldn't wait any longer and arrived into the world four weeks early.

Now after months filled of nappies, sleepless nights, baby sensory classes and speaking in a language only me and the baby understand, this week the time arrived to re-enter the adult world and return to work but what a different Liquid I am returning to.
Liquid still has the friendly personalities, creativity, talent and enthusiasm it’s always had (and I should know as I have been here 12 years!) but this has multiplied 10 fold. I return to new branding, a new MD, an expanded team of highly talented new faces offering exciting new services like video, animation and photography and fabulous new clients like Levi’s and Ariston. 
As soon as I arrived back in the studio it was like I had never been away due to the welcoming Liquid spirit and there is such an incredible buzz around the studio with a real excitement for what the future holds and what we can achieve for our clients. It feels amazing to be part of Liquid again and I can't wait to get back to work!
Blog by: Karen