Born in 2000, we think we’ve pulled off quite a lot for a teenager.

Liquid began, at the turn of the millennium, as a London based design agency.
Since then, we have massively evolved and now offer a wide range of design, digital and communications services – with creativity at the heart. Back at the beginning however, we were a relatively small operation, working out of Shepherds Bush.
Liquid spent nearly four years in London, expanding our expertise, building our client relationships and becoming a ‘go to’ for creative design work, servicing some recognisable brand names including Radley, Ben Sherman and Staples.
Our Executive Creative Director and founder, Steve McGauley, wasn’t happy – and felt as though there were untapped opportunities outside London:
“A whole range of locations, including Manchester and Leeds, we’re considered when we decided to move, but it was strongly felt Liverpool was the place for us to make the biggest impact. We essentially saw a gap in the creative industry that we believed we could fill.”
Shortly after Liquid moved to Liverpool, the city was named the 2008 Capital of Culture. The buzz and positivity was infectious. Liverpool became synonymous with change and progression – the perfect atmosphere for a creative agency to thrive.
We celebrate our 15th anniversary this year and are proud to say that Liquid has become so much more than a design agency.
We’re a creative bunch of individuals with expertise a whole range of areas, including design (of course), marketing, online advertising, digital, PR and social media. Plus we have some kick-ass account handlers, who keep everything ticking over on time and in budget for the client. We’ve become bigger and better than we were even a year ago.
Steve’s drive, commitment and vision has completely rubbed off on every other member of staff. Our working day is usually split 50/50 between working hard and laughing harder. Liquid works differently – and clients can tell this, the second they walk through the door.
To mark our anniversary and celebrate a new era for Liquid, we realised we wanted to do something a little different to celebrate a new era for Liquid. The Liquid Foundation was born from the team’s desire to give back.
Above, you can see the current Liquid team as they were fifteen years ago, when Liquid started.
We’ve all come a very long way…