A month ago I had the pleasure of joining the team at Liquid as a Junior Graphic Designer. 
My first month has been exciting and challenging, but I have thoroughly enjoyed digging my teeth into some projects. Time has passed so quickly and it still feels like I started yesterday, proving time flies when you are having fun! 
Here are a few highlights from my first month…
1. I’ve made a new best friend called Stanley - the office dog - who loves to bring me his toy, untie my shoelaces, and distract me as much as possible. Although I can see this developing into a bit of a love-hate relationship, I’m seeing the value in having Stan to cuddle on a stressful day. 
2. I was lucky enough to join the team on a go-karting trip and discover the Liquid’s truly competitive side… Having come last place in the first round, then only rising two places in the second round… it seems I’m better suited to designing rather than driving.
3. I’ve been working under the watchful eye of designers Ste, Jamie and Nixon who have always been around to offer good guidance and advice. I’m grateful to be able to work beside such talented designers and excited to see what I can learn from them (and perhaps what they can learn from me). After all, we all have something to learn from each other. After some disagreements over keyboard shortcuts and ham sandwiches, perhaps this will develop into a love-hate relationship too? 
4. As any graphic designer would understand, I’ve had a lot of fun rooting through the swatches drawer. I definitely get a buzz from flicking through Pantone books, foil samples and paper stocks. I’ve also had fun looking through the ‘inspiration boxes’, which are ideal when you hit a dead end with a brief - or simply need to get started with that first idea. 
5. My British culture has been tested with an intense amount of brew rounds. As a novice to the brew world, I know I need to up my game. Let’s see over the coming months how I get on…
6. I’ve faced the challenge of planning a (rather complicated) photoshoot for a campaign that will be implemented over the course of next year. It’s an intricate brief, requiring me to tap into my mathematical brain as well as my design brain – which is keeping me on my toes, while reminding me that design isn’t all about making things look good!