Recently we have seen a trend of brands with long-established identities reintroducing their branding-of-old. 

The trend has seen brands celebrating large milestones, by reverting back to their old logos and formats. Pepsi recently brought back their old logo- along with the old recipe of the drink as a marketing stunt. John Lewis similarly released their original logo, with a range of products that reflected all the eras the brand has experienced in celebrating their 150th anniversary. 
Throughout history, after a period of innovation, we have sought enjoyment in taking old concepts and refreshing them for the modern era. In the age of ever increasing technology, it comes as no surprise that nostalgic interests are beginning to infiltrate our every day lives - and with it, modern marketing. 
If this wasn’t apparent before, social media has polarised our collective nostalgic pleasure. We celebrate the past more than ever, whether sharing a #ThrowBackThursday post of our own lives or sharing media regarding our collective pursuits in vintage design or concepts. 
Liquid’s lead designer, Chris Nixon suggests: “There is something quite emotive and nostalgic in using objects which are associated with time gone by.”
The use of nostalgia in marketing is effective because of its human element, appealing to both the older and younger generation. Older generations are struck by fond memories of their past - and younger generations are enticed by the romance of the retro. 
As School of Business professor, Marlene Town notes: “The best way [to create nostalgia-centric marketing] is for a marketer to keep a finger on what is going on in culture organically, and then taking advantage of that opportunity.” 
We can’t resist a little nostalgia, having included a touch of the retro in our recent rebrand; we’re now embarking on a series of blogs revealing our love of all things vintage. 
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Blog by: Clare