Liquid are delighted to announce that they have produced their first piece of work for Vimto. The soft drink brand asked us to create a range of trade communications to help launch their new Cherry Vimto drink.

The launch of Cherry Vimto comes on the back of the success of their marketing push that brought in nearly one million new consumers to the fruit drink. Its “seriously mixed up fruit” campaign helped it grow revenues from Vimto by 28 per cent in the UK in 2009. With the launch of its new cherry flavour, Vimto has relaunched this ‘Seriously Mixed Up Fruit’ advertising campaign.

Liquid produced a range of eye-catching instore promotions to announce the launch of Cherry Vimto. These included shelf wobblers in the distinctive shape of a cherry as well as shelf edges that made the new product stand out on busy fridge shelves.

A marketing success flyer was also created and sent to buyers to communicate to them how successful the Vimto brand were performing – its striking design meant that it would really catch the eye of retailers.