The guys over at Periscope have developed an app that allows users to share their experiences live with their followers via a video stream. They describe it as the “closest thing to teleportation” and that it gives us the opportunity “of discovering the world through someone else’s eyes” and after first impressions, we’re impressed!

It is essentially a live video streaming service, something that we already have plenty of, but what makes Periscope different is its simplicity. Open the app, tap on the camera, tap on broadcast and you’re live. Open the app, tap on a stream and you’re watching live. 
We’re excited about Periscope and what it means for us at Liquid. Businesses could take advantage in a variety of ways, from using it as a free form of advertising for their product to hosting live competitions for their followers. Our talented bunch would love to work with a client on an imaginative video campaign, if you’re up for showing off your product on the next big thing, get in touch!

Blog by: Josh