At Liquid we simply can’t decide on music. The musos want BBC6 Music, the youngsters favour Juice FM and the oldies stop the dial at Heart, so generally we stick firmly to the middle of the road when it comes to the choice of radio station; Absolute Radio, Magic or Smooth FM. Take today as an example, earlier we enjoyed/were subjected to (in no particular order) Michael Bolton, the Backstreet Boys and James Morrison to varying receptions. There’s nothing more amusing than watching someone shouting ‘tune’ to a sea of horrified faces. 

A few months ago Andy, Liquid’s grumpiest drummer (AKA Thunderbeard), set out to tackle this issue with a playlist hour each Thursday from 4pm. So, every member of the Liquid team takes it in turn to create a playlist of music of their own choosing. Now we’re making the playlists into a blog series and, importantly, making everyone justify their choices. First up is Creative Director Karen Spencer who went for a soulful vibe… find out more here…
Karen, how have you chosen your playlist?
I decided to get soulful for my playlist and picked all my favourite tunes from soul legends like Marvin Gaye and Otis Reading (plus some little extra treats in there too!). 
What's your favourite song on it and why? 
Ooh it’s too hard to choose! I love a little office chair dance to ‘Proud Mary’ and ‘Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher & Higher’, but as it was a bit of a damp rainy day in Liverpool today I would have to choose ‘Sitting On The Dock of the Bay’ to transport me to somewhere sunny and relaxing.

Listen to Karen’s playlist on Spotify here… 

Blog by: Karen