How have you chosen your playlist?

I have a confession to make... I’m a massive Michael Jackson fan. Not as big a fan as my sister, that’s for sure, but nevertheless he is a crucial part of the holy trinity of pop (MJ, Prince, Madonna). This playlist reminds of this time 6 years ago when MJ had just died and I found myself in California where I made a special pilgrimage to his Neverland ranch and watched his funeral on telly in the scorching heat of Santa Barbara. Very surreal.

What's your favourite song on it and why?

I’d have to say Man in the Mirror. It’s such a corker and in my opinion, by far the best Michael Jackson song to sing at karaoke. I make no bones about the fact I am more of a fan of the less cool 80s and 90s stuff than the early tunes but I’ve included a real mix to satisfy at least some of my colleagues. Special mentions for other brilliant songs – Ben, with its innocence and naivety and Michael’s cover of Come Together, which reminds me of watching Moonwalker on repeat with my aforementioned big sister.

You can listen to Jo's playlist here...

Blog by: Joanna