Is 2015 going to be the year of mobile advertising? It feels like people have been predicting ‘the year of the mobile’ since the dawn of time so you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s hyperbole from people who benefit from the rise of the mobile. BUT, there is strong evidence to suggest the waiting might well be over… and the big question is - are you ready for it?

Nielsen, a leading global provider of insights, recently discovered that people spend a lot more time on their mobiles compared to their PCs. A test conducted over a month in the UK revealed that consumers spent on average 41 hours and 42 minutes on their mobiles compared to only 29 hours and 14 minutes on average on their PCs. Mobile is expected to become the second-largest advertising channel in the UK by 2016, accounting for annual spend of £4.23bn – up from £3.2bn in 2013.
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Blog by: Josh