Monteiro is something of a creative sector hero, equivalent to some sort of design-based Robin Hood. You will find his books, his twitter feed and his public lectures, digitally littered wherever creatives collect. Links to his texts are prominently placed in the right hand column of every creative subreddit, positioned as a sacred, creative business bible for freelancers and agencies alike.

Monteiro aims to make two points. First and foremost, he demands that creatives expect the same level respect and treatment afforded to workers in other industries, which also require a high level of technical skill. Secondly, he demands that freelancers and agencies recognize the value of their services and price, accordingly. In short, he is on what The New York Times describe as a “delightfully hostile” quest to challenge the wishy-washy perceptions of the creative industry; and its treatment by other sectors.

After years of public speaking and twitter-ranting, new research is showing that he was right all along.

Though we are still in the midst of the digital revolution, statistics are beginning to reveal the long-term effect on Western economies: a remarkable shift that has seen industry displaced by creativity.

Described as ‘The Creative Economy’, ‘The Knowledge Era’ and ‘The Information Age’: the rate at which western countries are exporting creative services is set to rival its industrial predecessor. Recent research by PeoplePerHour has revealed that design and marketing are the top two exported services in the UK, contributing £8.8m per hour to the UK economy.

PeoplePerHour states: “Creativity and innovation are fundamentally interwoven into the new economy; they are a driver of significant growth and outperform all other sectors of the economy in the UK.”

The boom, catalyzed by a decline in traditional modes of production and the rise of the internet, has completely reshaped our economic horizons. Equally, the increase in digital platforms for creative services has significantly lowered the barriers to entry: “Digital marketplaces are quickly becoming the fastest growing areas in the world. The creative economy is highly transformative in terms of income generation, job creation and export earnings.”

In consideration of this data, we are forced to completely reconsider Design as the forefront of business within the UK economy - whether considering a fully-fledged agency or a stand-alone freelancer.

Blog by: Clare