They always say never work with children and animals, yet we decided to do both on the Liverpool ONE Christmas photoshoot this year.

The idea behind the campaign was all about the emotions of Christmas including every family member from the old to the young to even our four legged friends. With Liverpool ONE having over 170 shops, bars and restaurants with surprises around every corner, they can help light up Christmas for everyone from the most excitable of children through to even the grumpiest of grandads.

As we wanted this campaign to have a ‘real' family feel, we chose to use a range of actors of various ages instead of models, invited six children to come along and even had two dogs.

It was a very busy shoot as we had to capture photos for use on out of home elements such as billboards, buses, six sheets etc. We also captured video footage of them sharing their views on Christmas themes for social and footage to be used in a Video on Demand ad that we were creating for ITV Hub.

The shoot was logistically challenging to get all the shots and footage that we needed with multiple equipment set ups required and tight schedules to try and stick to, especially for the children and dogs, but it was so much fun.

The actors were all amazing and really got in to the Christmas spirit even if there may have been some aching faces by the end of the day with all those dramatic expressions!

The children were in their element and loved being pampered getting their hair and make up done, putting on their Christmas outfits and then getting to have fun in-front of the camera telling tales on whether Mummy and Daddy had been naughty or nice this year!

We also had two dogs with the gorgeous Instagram covergirl Cockapoo Marley and Liquid’s very own Stanley. Marley was better behaved in-front of the camera even giving us a little dance while Stanley’s grumpy face was definitely not down to his acting ability but more down to reluctantly being made to wear a Santa's hat! He got a toy Christmas pudding for his efforts so he thought it wasn’t too bad in the end.

It was a long two days but the whole team definitely felt like Christmas was on its way by the end of it!