Last year, Google and Twitter struck up a deal to bring relevant tweets (based on what a user is searching for) to the top of Google’s search results. These tweets overtake the #1 result on Google and are now positioned to be the first results a user comes across.

SEO experts live for their websites to rank #1 on any search engine, especially Google. With this new partnership between Google and Twitter, social media needs to be considered as an integral part of any brand's SEO strategy. Tweets now need as much thought and attention as a new page on a website – especially one that requires optimising. Ensuring tweets use popular keywords and are actually relevant to the audience is a must.

The process for optimising tweets is quite similar to the approach for optimising a web page. The easiest way to do this is using Google Adwords, searching for keyword phrases and determining what ranks well. The ranking and also the competition should be taken into consideration, in the exact same way as you would do so when optimising a web page.

As well as the tweets themselves, it’s also important that your Twitter profile itself is optimised. A sensible, easy to recognise profile name and Twitter handle, profile picture and bio will go a long way to helping your tweets appear on Google. When this happens, Twitter will ensure users are aware of whom the tweet is coming from.

With this recent development, copywriters who are used to generating tweets without SEO in mind will need to change their thinking to keep up with the changes.

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