Initially approaching us to produce a simple corporate video, Liquid identified a pastiche hidden in the Prinovis brand – and brought it to life.

Sharing our interest in producing something more thought-provoking than a standard corporate video, we teamed up with Prinovis to produce a film to fight for print in an increasingly digital age.

Whilst it’s commonly believed that print is in decline, Prinovis is a success story for the North West.

After developing a script based on the poem “Night Mail” by WH Auden, our new in-house film crew headed to the print factory to capture high quality footage.

Designed to incite a sense of industrial nostalgia, the video and audio are syncopated to create a powerful story and branding tool for the company.

“Sometimes, great video isn’t just about the visuals: it’s about the story,” said Steve McGauley, our Executive Creative Director.

“The story of print, is one that dates back years and resonates with everyone; I don’t know many people who don’t like the smell of a new book or the simple pleasure of reading a Sunday paper in bed.”

Managing Director of Prinovis, Richard Gray, said: “We wanted to showcase our plant and our excellent staff, whilst promoting the belief that print remains an essential part of the media mix. We believe that print can work in tandem with online copy and very much want to increase awareness of the internet and traditional print working effectively together.”

“For the video, we wanted to bring print to life and show the intricate and extensive process that goes into every newspaper, magazine and brochure that hits the UK shelves. The video, we believe, is a wonderful example of the quality and creativity coming from our studio and showcases our increasing offering, from concept generation to filming and editing.”

You can take a look at the video on The Liverpool Echo website. Let us know what you think on Twitter at @weareliquid.

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