A few weeks ago I had a taste of my very first Volkswagen festival – Big Bang at the Santapod Raceway - where I was blown away by the creativity and individual styling that each car presented to the crowds.

The Volkswagen evolution really interested me. From the classic 1950s oval window Beetle, the much coveted split screen camper vans, timeless Karma Ghia, to the iconic 1970s Type 1 Bug, the styles and fashion of the era was obvious. It was like looking at pieces of history through the window of a car.
Every detail on the show cars seemed intentionally placed and considered. It was like the vehicles had become an extension of the owners’ personality, style and tastes. The attention to detail was incredible, with an eclectic array of accessories, fabrics and quirky personal touches. Even headlights, paint finishes, wheels and seats were different for each design. Old Levi's jeans had been used to upholster the interior of one VW Bus but the most impressive design was a log burner, complete with chimney, to make the English cold weather a bit more bearable.
With over 21 million manufactured, the Beetle is the longest-running and most-manufactured car of a single design worldwide yet at Big Bang each Volkswagen vehicle design was very different to the other. It's an iconic design, which has stood the test of time, but allows its owners such creative freedom. 

Blog by: Gemma