Google recently passed one billion Google Chrome users, that’s over 1,000,000,000 people using a single browser. In our books, that’s some achievement.  

What makes the figure even more impressive is the fact that the one billion people are using Google Chrome on only their mobile devices. It is worth noting though, that Google Chrome comes installed on Android devices, and as of September last year there was 1.4 billion active Android users, most of which will use Google Chrome simply because it came installed on the phone.
Chrome for desktop passed one billion users back in 2015, showing just how popular the relatively new browser actually is. 
In addition to this recent accomplishment, Google claims to have prevented the typing of 500 billion characters due to its speedy, but at times not so accurate, auto-complete feature. Although at times helpful, it does have its funny side…
Despite the colourful responses Google can sometimes throw out, they are doing a fantastic job when it comes to running a successful web browser. Thanks to the sheer volume of people using Google Chrome on both mobile and desktop, its extremely important, now than ever, to ensure any website you build is fully functional for Chrome and also for any other browser available. 
Each and every browser has millions, if not billions of users so there’s a good chance that your website is viewed across a wide and varied range. If your site doesn’t load correctly on one of those browsers, you could be losing thousands of customers.
Liquid specialise in web design and web development for every browser. Not only this, but we go one step further, utilising an advanced testing system to ensure websites are fully optimised for any browser required. 
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