Rio 2016 – The First Mobile Olympics

Josh Smith - 16/02/2016

London 2012 was the first time the Olympics became a digitally focused event. Much has changed in the past four years, but the 2016 Olympics in Rio promises to deliver digitally again – only this time, bigger and better.

Liquid recently attended Prolific North Live at Old Trafford Cricket Ground an were able to sit in on a talk from Stuart Rowson – Digital Sports Editor for BBC Sport. Stuart discussed how much of an effect digital media and its platforms had on the 2012 Olympics and how big a part the BBC played in producing content for the online audience in the UK.
Stuart’s talk got me thinking; just how big of a role did digital play and what can we expect this year? provides a fantastic infographic ( into what happened in 2012 and the numbers are phenomenal. 
Desktop websites, mobile apps and social media all saw records broken during the 2012 Olympics with, receiving 38.3 billion page views, peaking at 96,871 pages viewed per second. It became the most popular sports website in the world during the Olympics. Twitter saw 150 million Olympic related tweets and Facebook received 100 million Olympic Facebook posts/comments.
The amount of users on both Facebook and Twitter has increased significantly since then, so records are expected to be broken once again during the 2016 Olympics. NBC Universal also expects to exceed $1 billion in advertising sales, breaking new records once again.
The 2012 Olympics in London were without shadow of a doubt the beginning of the Digital Olympics, but the 2016 Olympics in Rio look set to become the first Mobile Olympics, as technology continues to grow and develop each and every day. 
The Olympics Committee themselves are set to launch a digital channel for the Olympics this year, providing 24 hour coverage of the Games and are pushing the channel to the younger audience, the same way they did with their dedicated Olympics app in 2012.
I think most people will now admit that their mobile is the first thing they check when they wake each day. It is fast becoming their main method for consuming news. With this in mind, the 2016 Olympics in Rio will most likely become a mobile focussed occasion - with British sports fans relying on their mobile for instant updates and results, especially considering the time difference between the UK and Brazil.
Will the newly developed channel help break records once again this year along with online, mobile and social media? Let us know by tweeting us at @weareliquid.



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