Pokémon Go – Go On Then…

Josh Smith - 25/07/2016


Pokémon Go - Don’t act like you haven’t stumbled across it, or someone playing it during the past few weeks. This game is taking the world by storm – having already amassed more active users than Twitter, whilst topping app download charts all around the world.
The concept behind the game is that users roam the streets (in real life, not on the game) to hunt down different Pokémon. The more you find, the faster you level up. Collecting the rarer Pokémon characters means you gain more XP, interested?
Well, it seems the world is definitely interested. Pokémon Go is currently seeing higher levels of engagement than Facebook. Shares in Nintendo have dramatically risen, meaning the company is now worth more than Sony (http://www.cnet.com/news/nintendo-now-worth-more-than-sony-following-pokemon-go-craze/). Nothing too special there then…
Not only is the game marketed at users of all ages, it makes you work for your rewards. Users have to walk about in the real world in order to level up. The more you walk and explore, the more chance you have of increasing your level in the game, so the physical rewards become apparent quickly.
As the news frequently reports, childhood obesity is increasingly becoming an issue. Children are not fit enough and are spending all of their time indoors playing video games; yet Pokémon Go is set to change that. Children (and many, many adults - don’t judge us) are still playing a video game, but instead they are now having to walk around and physically get involved – a win, win situation it seems…
Not everything is going as planned though; Pokémon Go has caused deaths, injuries and burglaries across the world. And finally, to add to the craziness, there has been a number of reports which include users making emergency calls to the police to report stolen Pokémon. (Yes, you read that correctly…)
We’d love to hear your experiences and opinions with the latest craze. Are you a secret Pokémon player? We want to know! Tweet us at @weareliquid.




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