Now’s the time to invest time in Local SEO

Josh Smith - 11/07/2016

Local SEO is often forgotten when businesses try to improve their search rankings. Optimising your website for SEO locally hugely improves your search presence. It ensures your customers are able to find you; not only on the web, but in person; with up to date office addresses and telephone numbers.

A well designed website (both for desktop and mobile), relevant content throughout web pages and descriptive URLs are obvious requirements for SEO. Yet there are additional tasks that can be completed specifically for local SEO performance.
The number one priority if you wish to rank highly on Google, is Google My Business. This tool allows businesses to appear on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+ with their contact details and any additional, relevant information. To ensure your business’s contact details appear on Google and also to ensure your business shows up when it is searched for in the local area (i.e Liverpool for Liquid) you need to have your business details on Google My Business. With this tool, you are able to upload images of your business; including logos, office shots or project shots. Furthermore, you can add your contact details, opening times and links to your website.
These steps help ensure your business shows up on Google, as seen below. Google My Business also gives your customers the opportunity to leave reviews against your company. Positive reviews help you go one step further in bumping your business up the local SEO ladder. A recent report revealed that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
local seo liquid

The creation of a Google My Business listing is just one of many steps in the path to local SEO success. Directory listings; including your business location throughout your website and contact pages are other small parts of a big process. With 18% of local mobile searches leading to a same day conversion, is local SEO something you want to ignore?
If you’re interested in maximising your SEO both nationally and locally, then you’re in the right place. Get in touch with the team today at 0151 231 6240 or 



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