#HappyBirthdayYourMajesty: How brands celebrated Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday

Josh Smith - 22/04/2016

Was it the Queen’s birthday yesterday? Someone should have said!

Social media exploded, with definitively British brands taking the opportunity to showcase their love for Her Majesty whilst promoting their brand at the same time. Many brands took learnings from the Queen’s Jubilee several years ago, and built robust social media campaigns around the latest royal event.

#HappyBirthdayYourMajesty was trending throughout the day, with certain brands pulling out all the stops to celebrate in their own, unique ways.

Burger King rebranded their Tottenham Court Road store in London as Burger Queen, whilst Cadbury’s World workers spent days putting together a chocolate replica of Buckingham Palace.

Brands love the Queen, and importantly, they love what she does for their business.

Below are some of our favourite tweets from the big day.

Disney promoting their new film Through The Looking Glass with a happy birthday tweet to the Queen.

Haribo, with what we believe is quite frankly a scary looking portrait of the Queen made from some of their delicious sweets…



Tetley Tea using the MajesTEA’s line in the best way possible.





The BFG Movie sent a big friendly birthday cake to the Queen.





The Mr Men & Little Misses having a royal bash…





Burger King with their rebranded store in London.











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