And First Plaice Goes To...

Karen Spencer - 14/07/2017

This year, I was asked to be a judge at The Chip Shop Awards and as most will know, unlike any other awards ceremony for creativity – at these awards, everything and anything goes. 

You can work in an agency or be a student, the client doesn’t have to have run the work, the client’s branding doesn’t have to be featured within the work – and you can even improve an existing campaign. The product or service you’re advertising doesn’t even have to exist… it can just be a figment of your imagination. 

The judging took place in London, with a panel of creatives from a diverse range of companies across the UK – all with their own views on what constitutes a good idea (and good design). 

After splitting into smaller teams, each judging team was issued their category and we started to tackle the momentous amount of submissions. What followed was a day full of debates, dissection and laughter as we assessed all the wild, wonderful (and in some cases, outrageous…) work. Slowly but surely, we designated the work that deserved commendation ‘Vinegars’ and of course, the coveted winning ‘Chip’ awards. 

One of my favourite categories to judge was the window/postcard entries. There standard of entries were extremely high – especially because it’s such a simple and basic brief (but that is the genius of it). The entries were so creative that it sparked considerable debate, with each judge having their own favourite. This was obviously a ‘nice’ problem to have – showing how strong and diverse UK design is. 

What I took away from the day was that it didn’t matter whether it was a big agency, or someone just starting out… the best ideas always come to the forefront, regardless of how polished your execution is (something I’ve always been a champion of). Also, I think sometimes creatives think they have to shock or be controversial to get noticed, which is not the case… as some of the best award winning entries were the most subtle and heart felt. 

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