Christmas Do in Dublin!

Anthea McKnight - 14/12/2018

So it was that time of year again to decide and arrange the annual Christmas knees up.

A few local ideas where discussed and researched...until a light bulb moment arose to expose the team to a different ‘culture’ and a team building day (and night)...
After a few European suggestions the team agreed on visiting our neighbouring green isle and the mother city of Dublin!

It was an early start (5am), although challenging for most (especially Dancer) we all arrived on time, passports and boarding passes in hand. After a smooth transition over the water, rubbing shoulders with an array of Christmas jumpers...with similar ideas to us...we landed safely in Dublin.

Bags dropped off...a bucketful of colcannon and Irish stew enjoyed, we ventured for a nice, fresh stroll to the Guinness Storehouse experience.

This is where the ‘culture’ part starts...

Guinness. Sir Arthur Guinness. A local legend and hero to most townsfolk. Stories of his ambition, endurance, generosity, tenacity and pure confidence in his product - proved very inspirational.

Having set up his business at the storehouse in 1759 and signing a 9,000 year lease, we learned how the family worked hard to set up the Guinness empire. Soon shipped all over the globe, remaining the signature export of Ireland. A huge achievement.

The storehouse itself was a beautiful set up, an experiential walk-through highlighting the importance of both diligent processes and production, alongside well crafted brand campaigns.

A brand team effort - that has got it right.

To wrap up the experience we each enjoyed a pint of Guinness in the glass top tower, soaking in the city and the liquor!

Needless to say, after an evening of more food and laughter...we all returned safely back to Liverpool the next day. In tact.

A recommended team building Christmas day be sure, to be sure..





Christmas Do in Dublin!

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