A few months ago liquid revealed that we were working with Eat the Chef, the UK's first website dedicated to sharing home-cookery videos. Liquid have devised a series of creative marketing initiatives for Eat the Chef and we are pleased to announce our latest achievement, the redesign of the brand's website.

Liquid developed Eat the Chef a new logo and a fresh new look that truly reflects the brand's personality and love of home-cooking. To achieve this we designed a collection of eye-catching web page backgrounds complimented with appealing images that gave the site a clear sense of style and identity.

We improved the navigation system by adding tabs which enable users to cherry pick the information they want about each recipe and food category. The user profiles have also been developed so that they can catalogue their videos, create an online cook book and share photos of their dishes.

We wanted to make it even easier for users to engage with website activity by enhancing Eat the Chef's social media features. The website now includes a live twitter feed, links to popular social networking sites and a video blog by TV chef Simon Rimmer.

Our creative flair and attention to detail helped to bring the focus back to the food and make Eat the Chef a fun and intuitive website for current video-sharing chefs and new users alike. Liquid has plenty more to serve up for Eat the Chef and we're very excited about how we can continue to move the brand forwards and generate the recognition it deserves.

The proof is in the pudding, you can view the new website at: