What do you do at Liquid?
A little bit of everything. From negotiating with some on the UK’s biggest brands, to externally managing the reputation of Liquid and then internally driving the quality of the work we produce. It’s always varied, always busy and always enjoyable.
For me, the best part of my job, is working with other creatives. Helping them develop their ideas and push them on. My role at Liquid is to inspire and guide people and this is undoubtedly the most rewarding part of what I do. The worst part is the meetings. I have meetings about meetings. They’re never-ending.
What did you do before starting Liquid?
I learnt how the creative industry works the hard way. I spent the first seven years of my career in London working for some great agencies with some fantastic brands. A combination of living in London and the demands of the capital’s creative sector, toughened me up and taught me how to survive. Ultimately, I think it drove me on and pushed me to progress.
I moved through the ranks very quickly, mainly due to the fact I found it easy to relate and adapt to both client and customer needs. It amused me how most people within my industry were full of their own self importance and couldn’t see that above everything else, what we do needs to be effective.
At the time I also found most agencies didn’t put enough emphasis on client relationships, which has always been extremely important to me. I’ve never been one to think twice, so to start Liquid seemed the obvious route for me… that was 16 years ago.
What do you do when you're not at Liquid?
What time I do get away from Liquid is centred around my children and of course, Stanley. As well as being a season ticket holder at Anfield I love to disappear with the family in our VW Bus (Winnie), this is the real me and when I’m at my happiest.