What do you do at Liquid??



Officially, I’m head of security, which means I defend the team from strangers (namely the post man) and any unidentified foreign objects (cello-tape, slippers, lanyards etc.), which I hide in my basket, for their protection. 



A typical morning for me involves driving in with Steve, (as he blasts 90’s trance songs - my poor ears), having a thorough scan of the office, to check nothing has gone amiss during the night and then a quick toilet break (usually on my paper – but sometimes when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go -  I can’t be perfect all the time!). 
The afternoon is a bit more hectic. I try to get in some light exercise (by doing laps of the studio), catch up on the office news and schmooze any clients or visitors. I like to think alongside my job as head of security, I assist the team with new business and client relations.  Just before home time, I can usually be found taking a well-deserved rest on someone’s knee (well, I am an underage employee – I need my breaks). 
What did you do before you came here?
This is my first full time job. Before joining the team, I was a stay at home puppy. I’m from a big family (I’ve got seven brothers and sisters), so I liked to spend my time looking after them. I’d make sure all the younger ones were fully fed and there was no misbehaving. That’s probably why I’m so suited to the security role at Liquid and Steve hired me straight away. ? 

What do you do when you’re not at Liquid?
When I finally get a break from my Liquid duties and responsibilities, I live with Steve and his family. I like to keep fit by charging up (never down – that’s still a bit scary!) the stairs and tracking down clean clothes, which I then build into a fort in my basket. I also enjoy water fights in the garden and finding a nice, sunny spot on the couch to recharge my batteries.