Our new account manager offers her top five pieces of advice for account managing. Get to know the most recent addition to the Liquid team (and her love of Emmerdale) – Jenni Fleet!

What do you do at Liquid?

I’m an Account Manager at Liquid, which basically means I look after our clients to make sure we deliver what we’ve promised. I get involved in a project right from the very beginning to understand their objectives. I’m involved in quoting, taking client briefs and brainstorming ideas with the team to give our client the best solution.

Once a project has started it’s my job to move a project along, occasionally giving clients a little push every now and again to make sure they stay on track and their project runs smoothly.

What did you do before you came here?

My most recent job before Liquid was at Ph Creative (a digital marketing agency) as a project manager. I worked at Ph for four years and moved from Account Manager to Project Manager during my time there. My client base was quite mixed, and I worked across a number of different sectors including recruitment, charity and retail.

What do you do when you’re not at Liquid?

I spend time with my friends and family – often with a glass of wine in hand. I’m a bit obsessed with painting my nails, and it’s been known for me to change the colour of my nails every night during the week. My nail varnish collection is starting to get a bit out of hand.

I’m a huge Emmerdale fan (is it bad to admit that?) and all my dreams came true in December last year when I met Cain Dingle… If you’re an Emmerdale fan, you’ll know how much of a big deal that is.

What are your top five tips for account handling?

1. Become Excel’s best friend. It’ll keep you organised and help you to stay on top of things.
2. Expect the unexpected. You can never predict a client’s requests.
3. Be a good multi-tasker. You’ll have loads going on, so you’ll need to be able to switch your brain quickly.
4. Have a good poker face. You may be stressed but you need to keep calm and reassure your team and clients.
5. Be honest. Things sometimes do go wrong, but instead of lying and making things worse, have an honest conversation with your client, manager or team and find a solution to your problem.