What do I do?
As Digital Project Manager I was drafted in to Liquid to oversee digital projects starting in 2015 the day before the Liquid Christmas party. I turned up to the event knowing only three people! It was a baptism of fire, but I was made to feel very welcome. My role at Liquid involves adding some depth to a client’s brief, overseeing the digital design and delivery of any project and liaising with our internal teams and clients.
Life Before Liquid
Following two years at Art College (yes... it even including painting nudes) I believed I would become an artist. To support my young creative dream, I took a part time role at Auto Trader – and ended up spending the next 20 years there. This apparently highlights to Josh that I’m old enough to be his Dad - some days in the office are harder than others!
I spent ten years on the Auto Trader magazines (this was in the days before computers and pagination), essentially working in their cut ’n’ paste department! (Not cmd/x or cmd/c... but a scalpel and a steel rule, keeping it old school).
Then computers came along and revolutionised everything! My next 10 years were spent on this new-fangled internet thing, were I was responsible for the design elements of the Auto Trader portfolio of websites. I managed the Creative Design Team (including Liquid’s own Paul Dance, who also worked there at the time). I then went on to work for Noise Design looking after SME businesses and their on and offline design and digital development needs.
What do you do when you're not at Liquid?
When not at Liquid my time is mostly spent running around after my two daughters and being their taxi service! I follow Manchester United (yes, in a Liverpool office…) and Formula 1.
I’ve played the drums since I was 11 (including marching, writing, teaching Drum Corps and playing percussion in a 20-piece big band ‘High Brass'’), but haven’t played regularly for a while other than a very enjoyable stint for Dancer’s 40th Birthday.
I’m now off to feed Stanley 'the office dog' my arm, as he seems to have a real fascination with me!