What do you do at Liquid?
I am an Account Executive, which means I look after clients and their projects. I assist the Account Managers in ensuring deadlines are met, questions are answered and everyone is happy! I am involved in projects from the start, helping to assist in client’s creative briefs, quoting for the work and briefing in the designers. I have already had the pleasure of working on several different projects since starting at Liquid. No two days are ever the same!
What did you do before joining Liquid?
Before starting at Liquid I was a Project Manager at a Roadshow Events Company. This involved overseeing and managing a number of projects that took exhibition vehicles all over the world. One of the biggest projects involved managing 30 recent graduates, in 30 vans, over 2000 events across England.
What do you do when you're not at Liquid?
When I am not in Liquid I am usually YouTubing cat videos and spending time with my two cats Evie and Ginny (yes, I am a crazy cat lady!). I also enjoy tasting and collecting different types of gin - with my favourite being Liverpool Gin. You can usually find me enjoying a gin festival or two in the summer! And yes, my cat is named after gin! I have recently started to play Bass in Liverpool based band Salta Mai. We have just released our EP ‘Count to Three’ and hope to start gigging regularly in the coming months.