Medicash, one of the largest health cash plan providers in the UK, has launched a consumer advertising campaign to increase sales of their plans by clearly communicating the message of what a health cash plan is and the benefits it offers.

Liquid, the Liverpool based creative communications agency, designed the campaign, which features landmark and 6 sheet posters, escalator panels, newspaper advertising and bus advertising.

Featuring the strapline ‘Need treatment? Get treatment. Get cash back’ the campaign highlights the wide array of treatments offered by Medicash, such as dental and optical care as well as physiotherapy, and the straightforward process customers go through to get money back on their everyday healthcare.

The advertising will feature extensively throughout Liverpool’s major train stations, with promotional items being handed out. The campaign also includes radio advertising.

Medicash Marketing Manager Andy Abernethy has been delighted with the initial response to the campaign, “This simple and clear message takes away all the confusion from what we do. The strapline clearly and concisely gets across exactly what it is we offer and the striking imagery has caught people’s attention. Liquid have consistently delivered for us in the past and we think they’ve done it again!”