A new Google Chrome extension has almost brought to life Harry Potter’s ‘Marauder’s Map’ catapulting the capacity for Facebook stalking to a whole new level. The extension reveals that Facebook’s ‘Messenger’ actually sends creepily precise location data and tracks your exact position every time you hit ‘send’. 

Thus, if you can’t attend a family party because “you’re away on business” (drinking wine on your sofa and watching Netflix) and happen to send a “Glad you’re having a good time, give Aunty Carol my love” message on the day - you’re in trouble. 
Even more terrifying, users of the app can search for your location history all the way back to 2013. So if you’ve been to a lot of “compulsory conferences” in the past two years, you’re in even more trouble.
If you’re currently scrambling to rip your phone out of your pocket and throw it out of the window, you needn’t panic. 
The extension only works when a user chooses to share their geo-location information. When location sharing is switched on, however, the creepy map informs whoever is looking for you of your location, within a metre. 
Android users can turn off their location information through the app itself, while iOS users can switch off by choosing settings, location services - then turning off Location for Facebook Messenger. 
The creator of the extension, Aran Khanna, claims he created the app to point out the extent of information that we share every day, unwittingly. Facebook have been informed of the extension and are “working to fix the issue”. So, don’t expect the Marauder’s Map to be functional for very long. Thank Goodness! 

Blog by: Clare