It’s been widely reported of late that regional newspaper sales are in rapid decline as more and more people turn away from regional reporting and instead opt for national news, blogs and social media feeds for their daily updates.

However, some publications are bucking the trend and going from strength to strength. At Liquid, we’re pleased to see the Liverpool Echo is one of these success stories.

Last week, the Merseyside publication became the first regional newspaper to amass one million Likes for its Facebook page. That’s more than the London Evening Standard, Daily Star and Daily Express.

Alongside its main page, the newspaper manages several other Facebook accounts, particularly its Liverpool FC page, Everton FC page and What’s On page – add all these Likes together and the regional newspaper has nearly two million fans. When you consider the city has a population of just less than half a million, this figure becomes even more impressive.

Recent figures show the Echo website currently receives between 400,000 and 500,000 unique visitors a day. Of those, around 100,000 are thought to have arrived from Facebook, not surprising when the social media channel champions the website’s best content. Of the 100 pieces of content produced every day by the newspaper’s newsroom, only 40 pieces will feature on the popular Facebook page, appearing in half hour slots.

If you’re a fan of the page, you’ll also know the type and style of content can change drastically throughout the day. The mornings tend to be filled with traffic, travel and weather news for the Liverpool area, whilst the lunchtime slots are slightly more amusing and include quizzes and trending stories. Unsurprisingly, the strongest news of the day is left for the evening, when Facebook users are most active.

This strong, well defined digital strategy, coupled with the paper’s dedication to celebrating Liverpool (thanks to the successful ‘TellAli’ campaign) and its appreciation of a strong image or video, will surely mean that this regional newspaper won’t show any signs of slowing down, anytime soon. Here’s to the next million, we say!