Currently, if you type ‘Liquid Foundation’ into Google – the first page results only show companies selling make-up. 

We’re going to change that.

As an agency, everything we do at Liquid intends to bring about positive change.

For clients, this is usually about creating positive change for their business.

We’re good at making noise, drawing attention to our clients and encouraging - no, convincing people to spend their money on the brands we work with.

We take part in a lot of charity events throughout the year, however we’re all too aware that we could do more.

As a company, and as individuals, we wanted to take action and invest our time and skills – not just our money.

That’s why we’ve set up the Liquid Foundation.

For 2016 our Liquid award winners decided we’d work closely with Alzheimers Society, Claire HouseLiverpool YMCA, Parkinsons UK and, coordinating a calendar of activity with them to raise a whole bunch of money.

If you would like to suggest a method of fundraising (anything that puts our boss in peril is favourable), or would like to work with the Liquid Foundation, please contact either: