Although email marketing seems like the best answer when it comes to digital marketing, the stats tell a completely different story. For several years, email has been the be all and end all of any good marketier looking to promote their product or service. Yet as time progressed and more importantly, technology developed, SMS marketing has quickly began to overshadow email and should now be the first thought when it comes to brand promotion.

Mobile browsing has quickly become the big thing for 2015 marketiers with recent stats telling us 50.3% of commerce website traffic comes through a mobile device (Shopify) and 60% of global mobile consumers use their mobile device as their primary internet source. These numbers alone show that mobile browsing and usage has overtaken the traditional desktop method and crucially, the growth doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.
Emails are still used on mobile devices but despite this, the response and engagement rates from email campaigns are continuing to drop. To add to this, reports have shown that response rates are 6-8 times higher with SMS than with email (Cellit).
From personal experience, being an 18 year old millennial, growing up in an increasingly online and socially-networked world I send on average 50 texts a day 
I am the target market for many companies still using email marketing, yet I engage with a text message a lot faster than I do an email. As soon as I receive a text, I aim to reply straight away and in a casual manner. With emails, I tend to leave them to build up before going through them with the majority being either deleted or ignored. Like many of my generation, I believe that emails are traditionally answered in a more professional manner, which is partly why I try and put off reading and replying to them. Many seem to agree with me, with 76% of people admitting that they are more likely to read a message sooner if it’s a text message.
Keeping in mind these statistics, it is clear that SMS is beginning to overpower email when it comes to marketing. 
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