Did we get trolled? 

“If you see a Stylus – they blew it,” said Steve Jobs. I can’t work out if he would be cursing and spitting from beyond the grave, or chuckling, knowing that Apple’s condemnation of the stylus would just set it up for bigger media impact when it inevitably happened.

Apple predictably took over the internet last night with #AppleLive, announcing the next new wave of their products, including the 
new iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil (*cough* iPencil).

Creative Capability

Aimed at the creative market, is this the new must have for designers and illustrators?

It’s not like these products aren’t already out there. The Surface Pro 3 supports a full version of windows, meaning it has full Photoshop and Illustrator capabilities. 

Apple Live described the iPad Pro as desktop competitive, boasting twice the memory and performance of its predecessors. Their aim was to give the product everything it would need to support creative apps. 

Joining Apple on stage, Adobe explained its Comp layout tool and its new Photoshop Fix retouching tool, which are brilliantly designed but limited in terms of their functionality.

Apple Pencil (*cough* iPencil)

The hotter debate lies with the Apple Pencil. It’s Apple branded, white and responds to varying pressures and tilt, meaning it detects shading and offers advanced precision. Novelty wise, it has a “rubber” on the end, meaning you can flip the pencil and erase things on your screen. That part is quite cute. 

Retailing at $99 alone – and only useable with the new iPad Pro which starts at $799… We think you will agree that it is quite an expensive pencil. Full impact? It’s an $898 dollar pencil.

What do the Designers think?

After the excitement of #AppleLive died down last night, our own design team were slightly bemused.

Jamie, liquid designer, said: “They’ve definitely tried to get Creatives more involved, giving it more of a graphic table utility over standard recreational use. Graphic table utility is a huge market that they haven’t taken advantage of as of yet, so that’s positive.” Then quietly added: “I think looking at the price I’m positively not interested in buying one though.”

 Andy, liquid illustrator, was bemused (if not bewildered).

“I want one if Steve” (our Executive Creative Director) “is paying for it” he says. 

 “Having said that I don’t know what it is. Having said that I’ll have anything if Steve’s paying for it.” Great. Thanks Andy. 

What do you think? It isn’t the first time Apple have announced something that was met with bemusement – only to become market leaders in whatever was just a year or two later. Will this be the case for the Apple Pencil?