At Liquid, we have two apprentices working hard and what better way to celebrate this week than to tell you a little bit more about them and what they think of the whole apprenticeship scheme?

Alex Walsh is currently studying towards a Pearson BTEC Level 4 Diploma in Professional Competence for IT and Telecoms Professionals (she is the only girl on her course); whilst Josh Smith has just started his Level 4 City & Guilds in Digital Marketing, having completed his level three in December (again he undertook this year with Liquid). Josh is the first student in the North West to complete this course at level 3. 
3AAA is the apprenticeship for both Alex and Josh. 
Alex left school after the first year of sixth form and said “deciding to do an apprenticeship was quite daunting for me, as I didn’t understand how full time work would be. I started my level 3 apprenticeship and fell right into my first placement. I enjoyed my time there and gained a lot of life knowledge on how an everyday workplace ran. The system for my apprenticeship was that I worked one week in my placement then one week in the academy, where I would study.”
“This worked well as it gave us plenty of time to complete course work and would also get an equal amount of time to evolve to the work environment. Moving onto my Level 4 I came to Liquid, as it was a level 4 qualification we now shortened our days to one day every two weeks in the academy the rest in the Liquid, this system works well again as now I have been given more responsibility in my job role and I think its more beneficial for me to be here and building up my skills. I am now a lot more confident in my job role and look forward to finishing my course and persuing my career.”
“During my course I felt that my coursework could have been made more relevant to my career as we only had one unit that we could show our assessors what we had learnt in our placements. Some of the scenarios we are given could have been made a lot more clear as we didn’t spend half the time in the academy anymore so it was more or less getting to grips with the assessments independently.”
Josh thought that the freedom each apprentice is given to complete the coursework when they need to whilst also completing any work that the employer required was a big positive to the system. “Although it is a big step up from life at secondary school, it quickly prepares you for the career ahead of having to work to deadlines and produce high quality pieces of work.” Doing this, Josh believes he has improved his organisational skills and feels confident when it comes to prioritising his workload for the forthcoming week.
Josh felt that some of the question papers he was given to complete as part of his work-based course were rushed and the questions did not sometimes make sense. “This fault is not down to the provider, 3aaa, but the writer of the course, City & Guilds. The majority of the course was worded correctly and did strike a challenge and make me have to think about what was needed - but at times, some questions were repeated throughout units and other times, questions didn’t make sense and contained spelling mistakes.”
“These type of errors can cause problems for students and could cause further problems for the course overall. Whatever the current system is for writing up the course isn’t working. There needs to be something put in place in which each unit is proof read for any errors.”
If you’d like to find out more about apprenticeships and the next steps to take in becoming an apprentice, get in touch with Alex or Josh today at or