The Google+ icon is subtly vanishing from Google’s pages, indicating that Google has finally given up on trying to make ‘circles’ a thing.

Though “Google+ notifications” has so far only been swapped to “Google Notifications” (the plus sign is everything), the network is slowly but surely disappearing from search engine results.

Initially, Google attempted to position the platform advantageously, throwing up a Google Plus profile page before other social networks in its search results. With these search engine result positions slipping, it’s a little bit like Google are trying to remove all evidence of the attempt, like trying to leave a party without anybody noticing.

If you were an avid Google Plus user, its most prominent features look like they will continue to exist as their own stand-alone applications. The popular photo-editing function, for example, appears to be transitioning into its own application. Similar to Facebook’s ‘catalogue of apps’ approach to social media, the demise of Google Plus suggests a trend that argues social media will hold ‘apps’ more imperative than ‘platforms’ in the future.

Hopefully we won’t miss it too much? * … tumbleweed *

Blog by: Clare