Now I’m a sucker for a penguin, and the John Lewis seasonal sentimentality again brought a tear to my eye, but I’m breaking from my own tradition and another brand is sitting at the top of my Christmas ad tree. 

An aspirational family scene, a dog in a box, a disgruntled unicorn and a crafty grandma having the last laugh, surely that’s what Christmas is all about? Well according to Mulberry it is. 
Mulberry have refreshingly gone against the trend for seasonal heart-tugging and concentrating on a family looking to #WinChristmas with the best present. As the presents get more and more elaborate - a puppy that can wave, a unicorn - the unassuming granny trumps them all with a Mulberry bag. 
Created by Adam & Eve/DDB the tongue in cheek ad appears to be part of a move by Mulberry to reach out to a younger audience - Cara Delevigne is still on board and a range of accessories starting at £80 could do the trick in making this covetable brand more attainable.