Becoming a parent was a terrifying prospect for me - the kind of stuff that would give me cold sweats to be honest.  

Although I knew it was 'that time of life’ (most of our close mates had a kid or two by this stage and I had a few grey hairs appearing) and despite the fact that I did actually like the prospect of becoming a dad someday, I still had this pang of utter fear every time my Mrs mentioned trying for a nipper. I’d experience a cold sweat and change the subject immediately. To be honest I was terrified that an arrival of a youngster would steal away the chilled carefree life I had going - where I could wander off playing music whenever I felt like it, disappear on foreign travels whenever I felt the urge (and the holidays allowed!) or have impromptu drinking sessions at the drop of a hat.

Anyhow, eventually it was time to take the step and the day came when I was sitting in a hospital looking at my son and in a bizarre state of realisation all that stress dispersed. Although that cushy life I had probably was going to change in many ways all of a sudden it seemed to make sense and I figured that all was gonna work out fine - so a chilled state resumed!
Then suddenly parenthood became the thing of terror again, for a different reason. Our little dude was rushed over to Alder Hey in an ambulance with a distended stomach and fever. It was a new level of stress that rose far above anything either myself or my Mrs had experienced or realised possible before and the support of our friends, family and work colleagues was massively appreciated during this time. Several weeks of tests confirmed that he had a serious bowel disease and would need surgery… 3 months on he’s had his op and is doing well and hopefully on the road to recovery. We just wish he'd learn to sleep now!
The care, expertise and support of the nurses and doctors at Alder Hey went well beyond what could be expected - until you need that kind of care you don’t realise how important it is. The staff are truly amazing - compassionate, very caring, hard working and all go the extra mile.  To have a hospital the caliber of Alder Hey on our doorstep (it’s one of the leading children hospitals in Europe, let alone the UK and a world class centre of excellence for many pediatric conditions) is amazing and should be supported in any way possible to keep it great.
Alder Hey is now 101 years old and the current building has passed its sell by date in many ways. They are currently building an amazing new hospital in a park alongside the existing building - the design is inspired by children and the aim is to provide the majority of children rooms with en-suite accommodation for parents to stay close by and comfort their child. Their ambition is to be a world leading hospital with pioneering research and the latest life saving equipment - but this kind of ambition relies heavily on fundraising to make it possible. 
You can see the building design in this video and the current state of the build in this clip
The chaps and ladies at Liquid have been immensely supportive to our little man’s stresses over the past few months and we are very appreciative. To add to this support several colleagues have decided to take part in the Liverpool to Chester bike ride to raise money for the Alder Hey charity!  Many of these colleagues have barely ridden a bike in their lives and the most exercise some do is walking across the office to make a brew - so it’s an impressive effort on many levels. 
I couldn’t encourage you more to sponsor us on our ride - the hospital’s vision is amazing and will change the lives of many children across the country.  
Blog by Paul