You might not have heard of Flipagram but it’s an app that’s going places. Billed as ‘Bringing moments to life’ through creating short stories with photos, videos, text and your favourite music, Flipagram has quickly amassed over 33 million users.

A growing number of celebrity users, including One Direction, Madonna and Britney Spears and a new global licensing deal with several major and independent music labels has taken Flipagram from just another social app for the Snapchat generation to a serious player.

Flipagram is the perfect tool for storytelling and an increasing number of brands are getting involved. Campaign teasers, behind the scenes action, celebrity tie-ins or quirky clips can all help strengthen the emotional connection between brand and consumers.

It’s the audience that’s really key to the potential of Flipagram, if the app reaches its target of one billion users a month it could be vital in helping brands reach the millennial audience.

And if you’ve ever wondered what your kids’ action figures get up to when you’re asleep, Flipagram has the answer:

Blog by: Ange