The real winner of yesterday’s General Election has to be the Internet. If you think the world of politics is harsh, it’s got nothing on the Internet, which really provides nowhere to hide, here’s a round up of some of the most significant online goings on…

Take Paddy Ashdown’s hat for example. Interviewed by Andrew Marr on the BBC the seasoned politician cast doubt on the exit poll results by explaining he would eat his hat if they were true. Seconds later a fake Twitter account appeared. The thing said in the heat of the moment, personified, parodied and immortalized forever. 
Earlier in the day some cheeky scamp went on a Wikipedia rampage changing the pages of some of the party leaders including David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Natalie Bennett. Cameron’s page briefly encouraged people to “Vote Labour” next to an image of smouldering Ed Miliband. News outlets claimed it was a “hack” but as anyone can change a Wikipedia page at any time with no hacking skills necessarily it might be more accurately be described as pure old fashioned mischief. 
The prize for the most disturbing use of the Internet goes to the Green Party for their creation of the weirdest boy band ever. Lookilikies of the four major party leaders were used to perform the musical masterpiece “Change the Tune”, which aimed to show the party leaders as having very similar agendas. It even got a spot on Channel 4’s Gogglebox so must be claimed as a success. 
Elsewhere on the Internet, in an altogether cuter turn of events, Innocent Drinks proved the Internet’s main purpose is still to look at cute dogs, with a series of canine portraits taken outside polling stations. Perhaps one of the biggest winners of the day, Innocent soon had #dogsinpollingstations trending above #democracy. You can’t fight the pull of our four legged friends. 
So how this can inform what we do? If anything, this shows us how inventive brands, organisations and individuals can be using online comms and it’s down to us to be fleet of foot and imaginative to ensure we make the most of these opportunities. 

Blog by: Joanna