Anthea and Steve recently attended a DBA negotiation skills course and jotted down some key points from the course. Anthea has provided us with her opinions on the day:

Since moving into my new role as Client Services Manager and handling new business opportunities for Liquid, I was given the opportunity to go on a negotiation skills course in London, run by Shan Preddy, partner of PREDDY&CO and business adviser.
The experience was nothing short of inspirational.
A real eye opener of a course, it provided good techniques to improve a true life skill. 
The resounding opening statement immediately caught my attention - "every single day of our lives we negotiate… with work colleagues, suppliers, clients, family and children." Initially I was sceptical, but when you think about it, we do.

Whether it’s negotiating costs, deliverables, car insurance, household chores or bedtime ‘cut offs’, there are always occasions in the day when there is a need to negotiate.
It was soon evident that the idea of negotiating fills people with dread – "will I get what I need? What happens if I do not have the required result?" Well, in short, negotiation is about being confident, informed and fully understanding exactly what both parties desire from the negotiation.  
My top tip is preparation. The strongest assets the best negotiators use to their advantage is that of listening, communicating and empathising. All of which helps establish trust, and in turn, increases the negotiating power of each party.
Another interesting point I took from the course, is to be mindful of who the key decision maker is. They may not always be in the conversation, but the ultimately have the final say – for both sides. For example, I often hear my daughters asking their father if they can “stay up later / have more chocolate / go out to play”...and they often get the reply “ask your mother”…a man who understands who the final decision maker is!
All in all, I would highly recommend this course to anyone as it applies to all areas of business and is relevant to all levels and ages. Some excellent ideas and invaluable points to consider – which I know will help me in all aspects of my life.