This is the first in a series of Dan's Digital Do Dah's, a weekly blog on something digital that has caught my attention recently.

As the old saying goes, a picture says a thousand words. Well, imagine hundreds of pictures put together in the form of a video! That’s a lot of words! In a short space of time, a video is able to effectively and efficiently communicate a brand to a user. A website typically consists of styled text on a page with images in various positions, complementing the text. It is now becoming more and more popular to include a video as a background of a website and in some instances, placing text over the video.

Visitors are automatically drawn to a video, this results in a brand’s identity being portrayed instantly. Incorporating a video into a background on a site has three significant advantages, both technically and aesthetically.

The first advantage is that people are naturally drawn to the video and therefore will spend more time on the site. The second is that videos effectively capture identity, character and personality. Finally, videos are easy to implement, they don’t require static content to be developed and designed and therefore save time.

Although videos have existed online for years, it’s only fairly recently that technology has allowed videos to be delivered seamlessly as a background. This doesn’t mean that videos are without pitfalls. Developers have to be mindful that videos inevitably increase the amount of data that must be loaded and whilst a video captures attention, it can consequently draw users away from the actual content of the page. If a video is done right, it looks great but if not, it can distort text and look messy. Regardless of whether a video looks great, the way it performs and displays is largely down to factors outside the developer’s control. Factors such as internet speed and browser configurations can scupper the appearance of your wonderfully edited, marvellously choreographed video.

Despite these pitfalls and considering the potential advantages, videos can be the way to go, if they’re done right. 

Blog by: Daniel