This is heavy. Today is the day. The future has arrived. 

In 1989, Back to the Future II gave the world its first glimpse of 2015.

Marty McFly, (Michael J. Fox), and Doc Brown, (Christopher Lloyd) hopped into their time machine and arrived in Hill Valley, California at precisely 4:29pm on October 21st 2015. 

Film fans will recall many outrageous inventions, which were due to be available to us future folk. The popular sci-fi adventure certainly wasn’t too far off the mark in quite a lot of cases. 

Here we take a look at some of the creations the movie (rightly and wrongly) believed we'd be able to get our hands on in 2015:

Whilst we don’t yet have Pitbulls or Mattel hoverboads, Lexus (the car brand) recently unveiled a prototype for a real hoverboard (powered by magnets, so sadly no flying across water like Marty). A company called Arx Pax is also working on its hoverboard, supported by a popular Kickstarter campaign. 
Wearable tech

We all watched in amazement as Marty’s future kids sat at the kitchen table, wearing headsets that allowed them to make calls and watch TV. Google Glass (introduced in 2013) and gaming headsets, prove that this level of virtual reality isn’t as crazy as we once thought. We’re hoping to get our hands on some goggles similar to Junior’s in the not too distant future. 
Fingerprint recognition

Most of us don't use it to get into our house, but fingerprint recognition is now a major part of many people's lives, being used on several smartphones to unlock them or pay for items.
Video calls

Marty and Needles spoke with each other via video calling in Back to the Future II. This futuristic dream, has certainly become a reality for everyone in 2015. FaceTime and Skype have fast become the norm for communication in our modern world. It’s likely that even the most technophobic grandparents have been thrust on to the small screen to reconnect with a distant relative at the hands of their grandchildren. 
Tablet computers

Whilst computers featured very briefly in the film (when Doc meets Marty by the clock tower, he has hold of what looks suspiciously like an iPad), they weren’t given the attention they perhaps deserved. Computers are largely recognised as the most popular technological advancement of recent years, so it would have been nice to see Marty 
Self-tying shoes

Marty had a pretty cool looking pair of self-tying trainers in Back to the Future II. This strange invention has now come into fruition, and will be hitting the shelves by Christmas this year, thanks to Nike, who are working on a version of Marty’s shoes, complete with self-tying laces.

Though Back to the Future II imagined most of the future pretty accurately, there were unfortunately a few misses…
Flying cars

Sadly, flying cars aren’t yet making our commutes that bit easier. Fingers crossed this happens at some point soon though. Driving amongst the clouds would be a whole lot nicer than the M6 every morning. 
Power clothing

Jackets that dry are till on our wish list unfortunately. They’d be especially good on days like today, when the heavens have opened in Liverpool. 
Fax machines

According to the film, fax machines were more popular than computers. This prediction is actually one we’re grateful hasn’t come off. 
Jaws 19

Thankfully, this franchise stopped at number 4 (though, for our sins, we’ve heard rumours that Jaws 5 is being made as a TV film). 

As old Biff would say, “There's something very familiar about all this…”