Moz is the go to tool for agencies who are serious about getting SEO right and keeping on top of new trends. The tool is constantly evolving with new features to adapt to each month. For Liquid, the tool is able to go that one step further, when it comes to improving and analysing SEO. The amount of internal time and resource Moz put into the tool, in order to provide a first class service for customers is incredible, yet it looks like the investment is beginning to catch up with them, as Moz has recently announced staff cuts.
The CEO of Moz, Sarah Bird, has recently published a blog explaining the reason for the cuts. She talks about how in recent years Moz has expanded greatly, with various new capabilities being added to the tool including social media marketing, local SEO, content marketing, keyword research and on-page optimisation, to name a few. Although all this growth seems positive; it has turned out that adding the new features hasn’t resulted in the expected success.
The general consensus from Sarah’s blog, is that, after so much growth and expansion, Moz is at its best when it is offering what it originally specialised in – SEO. Although the new additions to the tool do have an impact on the overall SEO score of a website, the core features of the tool are what the majority of users, including Liquid, take advantage of on a daily basis.
We’re avid users of the SEO tool and we hope this is just a small bump in the road for Moz. Combined with our specialist content knowledge, Moz gives us the edge and ensures we don’t miss anything when it comes to optimising our client’s websites for search. 
Sarah finishes her blog “Customers will enjoy increased investment in core SEO features, especially in local. We’re on a roll with these products…”. We look forward to seeing how true this is and can’t wait to see what Moz has to offer in the future.
If you’re interested in making your website as optimised as possible for SEO and ensuring your ranking is higher than your competitors; our knowledge combined with Moz’s analytical tools can get you there. 
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